☆ Why Write? Õ Download by ☆ Paul Auster

☆ Why Write? Õ Download by ☆ Paul Auster Primera vez que leo a este autor y me llevo una grata sorpresa porque disfruté mucho de cada uno de estos relatos sobre casualidades, fue muy divertido de leer y al ser tan cortos puedo decir que no se quedaban cortos con lo que querían decir.
Un libro perfecto para iniciar con este autor! " Du moment qu'on a un crayon dans sa poche, il y a de fortes chances pour qu'un jour ou l'autre on soit tenté de s'en servir" Cette citation m'a beaucoup marqué et résume bien le contenu du livre
I can't remember a thing about this book, only that I read it and it didn't suck.

A delightful and completely unexpected series of scenes.
Whether or not these are truly autobiographical, the structure and brevity of this volume are a delight.

(I have not read anything else by Auster, though, and on the caution of a good friend about the content of his other works, may for the time being leave my acquaintance with him at this.
) While Why Write? is available in the Collected Prose collection, I'm delighted to own one of the 2,000 copies of this slim (58 page) paperback.
The title essay, in 5 sections offers several vignettes from the life of Paul Auster that could easily fit into any of his fiction.
And that's the point.
It also gives his explanation of why he's a writer.
Kind of.

"It Reminds Me Of Something That Once Happened To My Mother.
" is a loving tribute to the poet, Charles Reznikoff, while "A Prayer For Salman Rushdie" (from 1993, when the fatwa was still in force and "An Appeal To The Governor Of Pennsylvania" which is a poignant appeal to then Governor Ridge's deepest humanity to "save Mumia AbuJamal's life.
" Both show Auster's activist side as a member a I chanced upon this in the library catalogue of my department at uni & thought 'nice, something by Paul to read on the train'.

Collected nonfiction pieces from NY papers & magazines.
Some of it looked familiar and must have passed through my hands earlier in some other form; but since there are admittedly only 2500 copies of it around, I'm going to make a list of what you're missing.

Answer to a Question from New York Magazine (1995)
The question being, presumably, "What first comes to your mind when New York is mentioned to you?"
This is only a paragraph, but quite funny.
An episode from Auster's childhood.

Why Write? (1995)
Five episodes back & forth from Auster's life.

The answer being, presumably, that otherwise these episodes would go untold.
And you wouldn't want to miss them.

"It reminds Why We Write Four Reasons The Write Practice Writing Helps Us Make Art Out Of Everyday, Ordinary Moments We Write To Make A Name For Ourselves George Orwell Says One Motivation To Write Is Sheer Egoism, That We Write Out Of The Desire To Seem Clever, To Be Talked About, To Be Remembered After Death, To Get Your Own Back On The Grown Ups Who Snubbed You In Childhood, Etc EtcWhy We WriteAcclaimed Authors On How AndWhy We Write Is Enchanting To Read, A Book Filled With The Voices Of Twenty Critically Acclaimed Writers, Including Jennifer Egan, Kathryn Harrison, Isabel Allende And Ann Patchett It S Reassuring To Hear Their Frustrations, And Yet Their Wonder With The Writing Process, The Magic That Can Happen When Characters Take Over A Story And Their Passion For Language And The Craft Many Of Them Reveal The Peace They FeelReasons Why Writers Write, And You Should Too Why Writers Write To Release Their Often Complex And Convoluted Thoughts, Providing An Effective Source Of Grounding And Stress Release, Taking A Greater Burden Off Of Their Shoulders To Speak To An Audience To Get Something Off Their Chest To Create And Maintain Relationships With People Around The World Why Write The Folly And The Failure By Lisa Why Write The Folly And The Failure Lisa Renee Follow Sep , Min read I M Trying To Write This Means That I Am Thinking About Writing, Talking About Writing, Dreaming About Writing And, Even, Writing About Writing I Make Tea, Sharpen Pencils, Seek The Clean Legal Pads I Make Lists, Jot Ideas, And Dream The Bones Of Story Me And Everyone Else But I Don T Write Much, NotWhy Do We Write You Will Write Because It Is Who You Are You Will Write On Sunny Mornings And Rainy Afternoons, In Coffee Shops And On Street Corners You Will Write Thousands Of Words That May Never Be Read, But You Will Write Why Write LitReactor Writing Is Communication, Identity, Power, Profit It S The Means By Which We Conduct All Kinds Of Transactions, Whether We Re Bringing A Lawsuit Or Flirting Via Text Message Writing Is Social, Commercial And Cerebral Flow So, Why Write Seems Like A Simple Enough Question, With Plenty Of Cheerful Mid Afternoon Answers George Orwell Why I Write Why I Write From A Very Early Age, Perhaps The Age Of Five Or Six, I Knew That When I Grew Up I Should Be A Writer Between The Ages Of About Seventeen And Twenty Four I Tried To Abandon This Idea, But I Did So With The Consciousness That I Was Outraging My True Nature And That Sooner Or Later I Should Have To Settle Down And Write books I Was The Middle Child Of Three, But There Was A GapWhy I Write WikipediaWhy I Write Goinswriter Which Reminded Of Why I Write At All The Reasons I Write I Write To Express I Feel Like Myself When I M Writing I Write Not For The Purpose Of Being Published Or The Intention Of Being Read, But For The Thrill Of Putting Pen To Paper I Write For Love Of The Craft, For The Sake Of Writing Itself I Write To Understand I Don T Write Because All The Answers Are In My Possession I WriteWhy I WriteFascinating Quotes From FamousWhy Am I Compelled To WriteBecause The World I Create In The Writing Compensates For What The Real World Does Not Give Me By Writing I Put Order In The World, Give It A Handle So I Can Grasp It I Write Because Life Does Not Appease My Appetites And AngerTo Becomeintimate With Myself And You To Discover Myself, To Preserve Myself, To Make Myself, To Achieve Self Autonomy To Well this was disappointing.
A short collection of essays, speeches and other snippets from Auster, which most of all seems like a collection collected just to make some money of the Auster name.
I did not find anything profound or original.
It is fine, the snippets may have been good and appropriate for the situations and contexts they were created for, but as a stand alone collection they are uninterestingand the prose is uninspiring.
Stumbled on this at the library, shelved with the "how to write a bestseller" and "how to save your soul through writing" books.

It's very short and very scattershot, an oddsandsods compilation like the ones musicians put out of Bsides, outtakes, soundtrack contributions.
But all readable and worth reading.

And, sometimes overtly, sometimes elliptically, every piece offers an answer to the question posed by the title.
A tiny book by a terrific author, it contains some of the best essays I've read, including one of my favorite essays on writing ever.
While I checked it out from the library, I wish I owned a copy.

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