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[Rechan] À Will of the Alpha [womens-fiction PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ Will of the Alpha is a collection of furry short stories with two poetic interludes focused around BDSM The stories are arranged in increasing order of intensity the first stories are almost vanilla in their approach, but the last few pull no punches with their whips and chains.
Two questions deserve to be answered right off the back Is this collection a worth while buy for readers interested in furry BDSM And is it still a worth while buy for readers with minimal interest in BDSM To the first question, the answer is a very strong yes Will of the Alpha includes a large variety of kinks, positions, and even orientations The stories prefer gay relationships over straight ones, although just barely Two stories feature a bisexual male with both genders, and one story features a lesbian couple All the stories in this collection have been edited to a fine polish

wrong book What S Your Pleasure Or Do You Prefer Pain Everyone Has A Wild Side Everyone Has Their Kinks, And This Is Your Chance To Indulge Them Will of the Alpha Is An Exploration Into The Darker Side Of The Bedroom, And Each Of These Stories Takes You A Step Farther Down That Shadowy Road The Authors Start Out Gentle A Leather Collar, A Little Bondage, Some Light Flogging But They Won T Hold Back For Long And They Brought A Lot Of Toys With Them Handcuffs Too Each Story In The Book Is A Little Darker Than The Last And At Some Point You May Have To StopBut You Won T Want To Will of the Alpha Is An Anthology For An Adult Audience Only And Includes Stories And Poems By Kandrel, Ashe, Ianus J Wolf, Mangi, Sparf, Rechan, Elijah Lapso, Tarl Voice Hoch, Nathan Cowan, Whyte Yot , And HA Kirsch Each Story Is Illustrated By Dbull With A Cover By Kadath

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