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[David duChemin] È Within the Frame: A Journey in Photographic Vision [birds PDF] Read Online ☆ Kone n u m m knihovnu, tak e se nemus m p ehrabovat ban nov mi krabicemi A tohle je kniha, kterou budu r d br t opakovan do ruky, proto byla jednou z prvn ch, kterou jsem etl znovu.
Pokud to mysl te s fotografov n alespo trochu v n , nem li byste ji rozhodn minout.
This was the most enjoyable photography book I ve read in ages I ve followed David duChemin s work for several years and appreciated his approach and his heart and soul in the images he creates This book was an extension of that heart and soul.
Photography books are often either highly technical and not particularly useful at the craft side or they re overly simplistic and repetitive or they re high view fine art things that make a reader roll eyes.
Within the Frame is a deep look beyond technique and composition and into the humanity of photography that of the photographer and of her or his subjects It s focused a bit on travel photography, but really it s a look at passion, craft and vision There are plenty of practical tips that are well communicated I really appreciated his discussion of layering fore mid ba Within The Frame Is A Book About Finding And Expressing Your Photographic Vision, Specifically Where People, Places, And Cultures Are Concerned A Personal Book Full Of Real World Wisdom And Incredible Images, Author David DuChemin Of Pixelatedimage Shows You Both The How And The Why Of Finding, Chasing, And Expressing Your Vision With A Camera To Your Eye Vision Leads To Passion, And Passion Is A Cornerstone Of Great Photography With It, Photographs Draw The Eye In And Create An Emotional Experience Without It, A Photograph Is Often Not Worth And Can T Capture A Viewer S AttentionBoth Instructional And Inspirational, Within The Frame Helps You On Your Photographic Journey To Make Better Images Of The Places And People You Love, Whether They Are Around The World Or In Your Own Backyard DuChemin Covers How To Tell Stories, And The Technology And Tools We Have At Our Disposal In Order To Tell Those Narratives Most Importantly, He Stresses The Crucial Theme Of Vision When It Comes To Photographing People, Places, And Cultures And He Helps You Cultivate And Find Your Own Vision, And Then Fit It Within The Frame This is a beautiful book, in the truest sense of the word Not a beautiful coffee table book, but a beautiful collection of ideas, photographs, insights, tips, and thoughts about a photographer s life, written by an experienced, introspective, and articulate professional More than anything, duChemin speaks to the phenomenon that, in the era of mind blowing digital photography technology, it s easy to forget that the photographer s eye or vision is a key OK, the primary or dominant component of a great photograph or an iconic, lasting image , much as modern technology easily empowers people to translate what they see into a photograph they can share.
I can t imagine recommending the book to someone who doesn t carry a camera, and I d be curious to see how the book would resonate with a committed mobile phone Instagram street photographer Maybe it would appeal, but I don t .
Great book, great expression of inner power of photography Simple words, but they re changing my photo results Book helps me to understand, what is photography and why it s art So simple now to make thousands of photos with one click of shutter But photo isn t about HDR, quantity and wow factors For me it s a story, journey, interesting moments and people You need to earn right to show it to world.
Photography how to books that try to help people take better in terms of aesthetics photographs never really deliver on their promise I guess it s something people learn on their own, through trial and error, and can t be taughtat least in book form His photographs are really nice, although sometimes the wow factor comes less from the composition and from the exotic locales.
Doesn t really succeed as an instructional manual, but it s a nice collection of photographs.
I really enjoyed this book It was one of the few truly helpfull photography books I appreciated the detailed information under each picture and their stories as well.
Also, there were few photos that I didn t wish I had shot.


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