æ Women in Celtic Myth: Tales of Extraordinary Women from the Ancient Celtic Tradition ☆ Download by Ó Moyra Caldecott

æ Women in Celtic Myth: Tales of Extraordinary Women from the Ancient Celtic Tradition ☆ Download by Ó Moyra Caldecott This is one every Gaedhil child should be given to read The Author s insightful commentary at the end of each myth sheds light on our archetypes Great read.
A wonderful collection of Celtic myths about strong women who defined their Culture From the Tuatha, to the tragic Deirdre, this book has many mythical beings to read and learn from.
In Celtic Myth, The Mixture Of Wise Spiritual Teaching And Dramatic Imagery Creates New, Potent, And Disturbing Visions This Selection Of Eleven Storiessome Than , Years Old Focuses On The Women Of Ancient British Mythology, From The Formidable Women Warriors Who Trained Heros To Fight And Kill To The Beautiful Companions Who Led Them To Higher Realms Of Feminine Intuition And Spiritual Wisdom Caldecott Goes Beyond A Mere Recounting Of Female Strength, Providing Lucid Personal Commentary That Illuminates The Complete Myth And The Culture From Which It Springs These Powerful Stories Transmit A Recognition Of The Mystery Of Being And An Understanding Of The Powerful Magic Of Inner Transformation Very cool book for the mythology addict to add to his her collection I enjoyed tales and the insights afterward Thanks This is an insightful and enjoyable collection of Celtic stories where women are not only at the forefront of the story but are also shown to be independent, strong and than capable of running their own lives and making their own decisions Each tale shows a different character ranging from warriors and queens to farmers and homemakers, all of whom take the lead and show themselves to be decisive and determined Caldecott also provides her own interpretations for each of the stories which allow the reader to think about the deeper meaning behind each one as well as enjoying each as a story in its own right.
This was my first foray into reading mythology in a nonfiction sense i.
e not YA fae and fairy stories since high school I would highly recommend starting with a book like Caldecott s Women in Celtic Myth if you re being introduced to a new mythological world and history Stories and commentary are blended together to provide the backdrop for tales of magic and heroism, but also glimpse the story s depths through cultural history and Celtic symbolism.
The role of women in Celtic myth is varied and diverse Each extraordinary woman in each of the tales Caldecott presents has a personality, desires, and destiny all her own Some are fair maidens, some are warriors, some are tricksters, and they all have varying depths of character and personal journeys that I truly appreciated.
My favorite w I appreciated the commentary that followed the myths good to have background on the symbols and general context for the stories The myths themselves were re written to perhaps be appealing to a modern reader but came off a little clunky.
This is a nice introduction to Celtic Mythology The author did a good job selecting tales that built upon one another Each consecutive myth introducing characters that popped up later The names are so rich and diverse it can feel like you are in a tossed salad searching for a splinter of dried rosemary It is worth it in the end when the names become familiar and the stories integrated I found the analysis and application of the myths to be shallow and short winded Not so much as to be rejected though I will not seek out this author in future reads about Celts and their feminine glory, but I will be looking for Celtic mythology.

Excellent book, very engaging and entertaining Retells tales of strong women such as Rhiannon and Deirdre from Welsh and Irish mythology One story, that of Findabair, I have not seen fleshed out as much anywhere else.
A collection of Celtic myths mostly from Ireland plus a couple from Scotland Each story is told, then is explained The stories are well written, as are the explanations that follow Well worth reading.

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