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[ Read Online X-Tinction Agenda ¸ poland PDF ] by Marc Guggenheim ê Another Secret Wars tie in,this time looking at the state of play 10 years later from the X Mens X tinction Agenda storyline Didnt really have the impact of the original story.
5 yikes what an overall bad book Story was hard to follow and shallow The art is horrible, some of the worst i have seen in a long time X tinction deals with some of the left over mutants that are on Genosha that include Havok, Raine, Bulletproof, and Rictor They are quarentined from the other x men because of a disease So they decided to kidnap triage and Rogue to cure it The writing is pretty bad and uninteresting And like I mentioned the art is really basic and simple and not worth looking at Skip this title for sure Ten Years Since The Fall Of Cameron Hodge And His Fascist Regime Ten Years That Havok And Wolfsbane Have Labored To Rebuild Genosha But Their Work May Be For Naught, As A Plague Has Spread Across Their Nation, Infecting Mutants And Threatening Their Race With Extinction With The Country Quarantined And Seemingly Abandoned By The Rest Of The World, Including The X Men, Old Friends May Become New Enemies As Genosha S Rulers Fight To Save Their People Experience An Alternate Future Fueled By The Events Of The Landmark First X Crossover Of , X Tinction Agenda COLLECTING X TINCTION AGENDA , UNCANNY X MEN These X Men deserve to go extinct The worst script set to the worst art I ve come across from Marvel in ages Sad Reprints Warzones X Tinction Agenda 1 4 and Uncanny X Men 1 270 November 1990 November 2015 The X Men of Genosha have discovered a mutant plague which is tearing their world apart The infection is spreading and Lord Doom and Baron Grey seem unwilling to help While Havok and Wolfsbane hatch a desperate plot to steal a cure from X City, the real danger could be growing in the Genegineer s laboratory The Genegineer is an agent of Cameron Hodge and hopes to resurrect Cameron s war on mutantkind Written by Marc Guggenheim, Warzones X Tinction Agenda is a four issue limited series produced by Marvel Comics as a tie in to their Secret Wars limited series from 2015 The collection also includes Uncanny X Men 1 270 November 1990 whi I wanted to like this, the art was mostly good though at times it was hard to read, but on the whole this just didn t cut the mustard for me.
Continuing the great x read of 2017 18I seem to be in the minority here on Goodreads but I liked this one a whole lot, probably my favorite of the x related warzones books.
A lot of that probably stems from you guessed it nostalgia as X tinction Agenda and the whole Genoshan storyline from the early 90s x books was probably the point where I got really into the x books I was a huge freaking fan of Havok at this time He was my favorite x character for so long Now he just sucks whenever they actually use him but I digress Anyway, the negative reviews here have some good points It s a bare bones X story with a whole lot of punching and not a whole lot of characterization to speak of.
But for me it was like seeing a bunch of old friends Sometimes that is just the kind of comic that I need to read.

I fondly remember the X Tinction Agenda and that s not why I hated this book The Secret Wars Warzones books have been hit or miss but this was a huge miss The story defied common sense at every turn There were time displaced characters around just for the sake of having time displaced characters The dialogue was hokey The plot was banal The villains were obvious and terrible The art was not very good or at least my cup of tea This book had promise and delivered next to nothing A complete disappointment.
Story wise, this is just another pointless Secret Wars tie in The writer still has a hard on for 90s X Men crossovers and gets four issues to remind the rest of us how awful they were Meh.
Oh, but the artwork, my lovelies the artwork is another matter entirely I frickin LOVE Carmine Di Giandomenico s artwork His work is like what if Barry Windsor Smith and Geoff Darrow had a baby that united their styles whilst still maintaining a style all of its own If that thought doesn t get you wet, you re reading the wrong review.
His line work is beautiful and his sense of composition blows me away Definitely worth reading this junk just for his artwork Just ignore the word balloonsTwo stars for the story, five for the artwork, averaged and rounded up.
An accurate homage to the godawful crossover in that it consists of lots of characters making terrible decisions and then having massive slugfests The art is much better than the story deserves.

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