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[ Read Online Zephyr: Phase One Ë romantic PDF ] by Warren Hately ↠´ Alternate Cover Edition For BCCOZUZephyr Tells The Story Of A Major, If Somewhat Jaded Superhero In An Alternate Universe Where New York City Has Been Abandoned And The Beatles Were A Superhero Team Zephyr Is A Regular Guy With Massive Powers, But It S Easy To Wonder If His Life Might Have Been Better Without Them As Supervillains And Other Problems That Only Superhumans Can Deal With Derail His Efforts Handling Life Review copied from my blog a superhero story for grown ups There s the super powers, the villains, the slightly ambiguous in betweens I m having to really try to avoid spoilers in this review We get to see our hero Zephyr deal with the press and trying to keep his normal identity secret which isn t something comics really touch on too much Warren Hately also manages to include all the battles and plots that comic readers tend to love, there seems to be something going on around every corner, I really feel for the poor normal people living in that world who have to deal with all the supercharged criminals without any powers of their own.
There s a fair bit of adult content in this, well I m not sure how to describe it, novel comic Zephyr is one of, if not the, best superhero books I ve read in the past five years It s not going to be for everyone but it is definitely up my alley and has a smart Transmetropolitan style feel which combines the absolutely insane with the mundane in a way that feels both subversive as well as cool The book stars Zephyr, the world s perhaps 3rd or 4th most famous heroes He s a big deal, don t get me wrong, and plugged into the world s celebrity culture However, he s jaded, cynical, and depressed He also has a terrible home life with a wife who has come to view his superheroism with less pride and understated shame.
This definitely feels like an adult Warren Ellis esque comic with Zephyr s world being one where superheroes are stalked by the paparazzi, get in se

Well the concept of this book had me interested, but it was too much I only got about 1 3 of the way in Zephyr is incredibly foul mouthed and while I m in no way a prude and will curse like a sailor, I felt like it had no purpose in this book other than to just be there And the excessive celebrity name dropping was kind of the same It all really distracted me from the story itself, so I wasn t able to keep going.
This book seems to be pretty heavily promoted on but I heartily suggest before you consider buying you use the Look Inside feature Straight away you plunge into a stream of consciousness of a character busily swearing, checking out other characters breasts and butts, and name checking celebrities in a fairly implausible way Eric Clapton goes past and high fives me and then immediately makes a face aghast like he mistook me for someone else The story is a superhero one but set in a real world environment How would our world react if superheroes really existed And what would those heroes be like in a world which would fete them as celebrities, even with their personality flaws It all reads like some weird wish fulfillment fantasy and not a pleasant one at that For example, early on, the hero uses a static electricity power to make the nipples of girls at a party harden

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